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Putting women at the heart of the story, where they belong.


It’s 2026. A wave of women’s anger is engulfing the world. Can feminist revolutionaries, Queentide, harness the storm and smash the patriarchy?
'An evocative merging of political thriller and dystopian fiction, ‘Queentide’ has claws.
It is a gripping read with grit and heart and
I’d highly recommend it.'
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Who We ARE


We believe that inclusive story-telling is critical to increasing women's visibility.

So that's why we've created a home for stories about real and fictional women in a small independent publishing house.

A percentage of all our booksales is donated to charities helping women feel safe and valued.

We are proudly feminist and naturally intersectional.  If you share our values, sign up to our newsletter.


Meet The Authors

Donna Fisher lives in Sydney, Australia but was born and grew up in the North of England. She still pronounces vitamins and yoghurt in a geordie accent,to the amusement of her Australian children.

She is the founder of a digital platform, SheSaw, that increases women’s visibility by sharing their untold stories.

When Donna isn't writing about real and fictional women, she can be found drinking tea at the beach and plotting the next feminist revolution.

Follow her on Twitter @shesawwords